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Lindsay Mulinazzi has recently made a very successful transition from fitness competitions to bodybuilding contests. She's taken the bodybuilding world by storm by quickly emerging with a top three lightweight placing at the 2003 NPC Nationals.

We shot with her only a couple weeks after that show and she came in for our shoot at about 5'3", 130 lbs of rock solid muscle.

Born in Kentucky and currently residing in Georgia, Lindsay is a full time model, nutritionist and trainer.

Here's a bit more about her sports and lifting background taken directly from The Lindsay Mulinazzi Fitness Inferno Website....

"My love for fitness began in elementary school when I was old enough to play sports with my older brother and his friends. I realized that I was almost as fast and as strong as the boys my age. As I got older, boys would comment on the shape of my arms and shoulders, but emphasized the size of my biceps. I started to take fitness more seriously in sixth grade when I found out that the Presidential Fitness Test was administered at my school. I asked my mother to buy me free weights and a weight bench to help increase my strength and endurance for the fitness test. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw my mom and my brother struggling to drag a box full of free weights into our apartment. That year, I achieved the highest score on the Presidential Fitness Test. I want to thank my mom for being so open to my request for free weight equipment at that age. I also want to thank my brother for motivating me to participate in our neighborhood sports.

"During the next several years, my love for sports continued to grow. I participated in basketball, softball, track and golf and had less time to train with weights. My sophomore year of high school, I broke a track record for the fastest 220 yard dash. In my junior year, I was the first girl to compete on the boy’s golf team. I started weight training again so that I would be strong enough to compete against the boys. I was several years older, and I saw a much faster response to weight training. After graduating from highschool, I played basketball in community college and weight trained in my spare time. I majored in Business and Fashion Design/Merchandising my first three years of college, but my interest in health and fitness grew stronger. Therefore, I switched majors and graduated from the University of Maryland with a Bachelors degree of Science in Kinesiology. While obtaining my degree in Kinesiology, I finished my curriculum for Business and Fashion Merchandising.

"During my senior year of college, I entered the 1996 NPC Maryland Fitness Competition and took third place. I entered the Bodyrock bodybuilding show three weeks later and took first place in the light weight division. Finally that year, I entered the Virginia Gold’s Classic Fitness and Bodybuilding Competition. I crossed over taking part in both fitness and middle weight bodybuilding. I placed first in fitness and won the middle weight class as well as the overall bodybuilding title."

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